Clayton Kershaw will play next season, but maybe not with Dodgers

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Clayton Kershaw will play next season, but maybe not with the Dodgers.

As every season nears its end, Dodgers fans hold their breath to hear what Clayton Kershaw will do next season. Half the fear is he’ll sign with another team and the other fear is retirement, whatever he chooses, people want him to stay a Dodger forever.

We all know that might not happen though.

Kershaw’s contract with the team is nearing the end, and much like last season, he could toy with a shot in another franchise.

Dodgers icon Clayton Kershaw reveals plans for next season

In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, Kershaw gave an update on his plans for next season.

“As of now, I haven’t really thought a whole lot about next year,” he told the outlet. “But I do think I’m leaning towards playing over not, for sure.”

Well, that’s good news for people who want to keep seeing him playing, but that doesn’t exactly mean he’ll be in LA. Remember how close he was to signing with the Texas Rangers last season?

“I hold the right to change my mind, but as of today, I think that I’ve got at least one more run,” he told the outlet.

It’s clear the clubhouse wants him to stay, as do the fans.

“I just think that Clayton epitomizes all that we have done, all that we’re doing,” Dave Roberts told the outlet.

Many wonder if Kershaw could hold up to Kershaw standards for another season, but that’s not a worry right now for the star.

“I can manage it, definitely, and maybe there’s a time where it can last for eight months of the year and be good. I still think that’s in there,” he told the outlet.

Unfortunately, none of this is the answer the Dodgers fans want, unless he’s committed to his final season being in Dodgers blue.

And it seems like Texas, where his family lives, is calling to him more and more each day.

“Cali’s playing soccer, playing basketball,” Kershaw told the outlet. “Charley’s doing all sorts of fun things, kind of getting into baseball a little bit. I don’t want to miss that stuff, either.”

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