Dodgers organist plays Ace of Base’s ‘I Saw the Sign’ for Josh Reddick in perfect troll

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The Los Angeles Dodgers’ organist cranked some Ace of Base to epically troll Josh Reddick.

When Josh Reddick came to the plate for the Arizona Diamondbacks on Thursday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers‘ organist knew what had to happen: Play some Ace of Base for the masses.

The song of choice was perfect. Because Reddick used to play for the Houston Astros, he got a sweet rendition of “I Saw the Sign” over the Dodger Stadium loudspeakers. Ace of Base had a lot of hits off that one album in the mid-1990s, but “I Saw the Sign” is what the Swedish pop group is best known for. The 2017 Astros are best known for stealing signs en route to a World Series title.

When Reddick was on the Astros, he undoubtedly opened up his eyes and saw the sign.

Los Angeles Dodgers’ organist trolls Josh Reddick to perfection with Ace of Base

There are a handful of songs a talented organist could go with to further trolls former Astros like Reddick. Those classic tunes include “Been Caught Stealing” by Jane’s Addiction and “Banging on a Trash Can” by Doug Funnie and friends. Why are all these songs released within five years of each other? I don’t know. Beets me. Way to use Sweden’s finest export since Ikea to troll Reddick here.

The Dodgers would take the first game of their home series vs. the Diamondbacks on Thursday night, 3-2. Reddick had only recently joined the Diamondbacks organization. Fate would have it in his Arizona debut the former Astros outfielder would not only have to deal with unruly Dodgers fans, but an extremely petty organ cover of Ace of Base. It beats being caught stealing, I suppose.

Thursday night was the quintessential example of why we love ballpark organists so very much.

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