Baseball collector Zack Hample totally eats it going for Giants home run ball (Video)

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Zack Hample has made a name from catching baseballs, but the noted collector only managed a hilarious fall during a Giants game.

There are entire entertainment empires built on this simple fact: A person falling over is hilarious.

Today’s example of that truth comes from Zach Hample, a collector of baseballs who rushed through the stands trying to grab Brandon Belt’s third-inning home run.

It didn’t end well for him.

The spill over the top of the seats is excellent comedy, but the clip really takes it up a notch when Hample twists to try to grab at the ball from the ground. It wasn’t enough as another fan picked it up, leaving Hample with aches instead of a new piece for his collection.

Zack Hample has gained fame going after baseballs

Hample’s claim to fame isn’t for his slapstick. He claims to have collected more than 11,000 balls at MLB stadiums. He caught Mike Trout’s first homer and Alex Rodriguez’s 3,000th hit. The latter ball was given back to Rodriguez in exchange for a $150,000 donation to Pitch In For Baseball, a charity focused on giving equipment to underserved communities.

Despite the charity work, Hample splits opinions. In 2017, the New York Post dubbed him “baseball’s most hated fan” because of his antics battling for balls.

Whether you love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit watching him tumble like that was worth a chuckle.

Fans in Philadelphia could use the laugh after watching Belt smack one into the stands to score two runs. The first baseman’s homer provided the first points of the three-game series between the two teams.

The 9-6 Giants lost two of three to the Marlins but still sit second in the NL West. Meanwhile, the Phillies managed two wins in three against the Cardinals. They’re second in the NL East.

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