Jazz Chisholm eurostep across home plate should have Luka Doncic jealous (Video)

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Miami Marlins shortstop Jazz Chisholm stole the show on Wednesday after he belted a 3-run homer and crossed home plate with a eurostep. 

Leave it to Miami Marlins shortstop Jazz Chisholm to record without question the play of the day on Wednesday for Major League Baseball. With the Marlins holding a 2-0 lead on the road against the Atlanta Braves, Chisholm made things 5-0 with one swing of the bat.

To put an exclamation point on his three-run homer, though, Chisholm decided to cross home plate by dropping a eurostep. Seriously? Goodness, this move surely has Luka Doncic practicing at home trying to match his perfection.

Jazz Chisholm eurostepping across home plate has made baseball great again

As soon as Chisholm made contact with the ball, he knew it was out of the park. Unfortunately for the Braves fans on hand for this one as well, they also knew that this one was a no-doubter. What do you think their reaction was seeing Chisholm drop this eurostep?

Who cares. The real question is if this will become Chisholm’s signature move after he blasts a dinger. Opposing pitchers won’t like it, but that’s not the Marlins’ problem to worry about. If you don’t want Chisholm to eurostep, don’t give up a homer. It’s as simple as that.

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