Cardinals: Florida man Tyler O’Neill kills camera lens with baseball (Video)

Miami Marlins, St. Louis Cardinals

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St. Louis Cardinals left fielder Tyler O’Neill absolutely obliterated a camera that was placed behind home plate on Tuesday night. 

In the top of the second inning of the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Miami Marlins showdown, left fielder Tyler O’Neill stole the show with a powerful swing. However, we’re not talking about a monster home run here folks.

Instead, O’Neill fouled off a delivery and the ball flew back behind home plate. Unfortunately for the Marlins, the St. Louis outfielder made perfect contact with a camera that was placed directly behind him. You might be able to guess what happened next.

Tyler O’Neill blasted a foul ball directly into a camera lens behind home plate

That’s perfect contact right there, just not in the way St. Louis or O’Neill had in mind. Heck, the Marlins might even be furious here, as they’re going to have to drop probably $50 or $60 to replace that lens. O’Neill shouldn’t be surprised to receive an invoice from the NL East club.

In all seriousness, it was an accident and a funny one at that. For his next at-bat, let’s just hope O’Neill can put the ball in play and not cause any additional damage inside the ballpark.

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