Boston police searching for men who snuck into Fenway Park in viral TikTok video

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Two individuals who snuck onto the field at Fenway Park are now wanted by Boston police.

Going viral on social media can lead to some serious consequences. Two men who posted a TikTok of them sneaking onto the field at Fenway Park are about to learn that the hard way.

The viral TikTok video shows two individuals on the field in what is a blatant act of trespassing. They are now reportedly under police investigation.

Boston TikTokers didn’t think it through

Trespassing is one thing. Committing the crime and posting a video with your own face and name attached is next-level foolish. These two clearly wanted the short-lived Internet fame and tracing the username should not be too difficult of a task for Boston police.

Watching the video shows these two don’t appear to be big baseball fans, or really understand the significance of standing on that historic field. That will make actual baseball fans even more annoyed at the entire situation.

There are too many simple lessons to learn from this video. The first is to not commit a crime. Seems easy enough. The second is to not film yourself committing a crime. Put this ridiculous act on the 2021 bingo card of things you didn’t expect to see.

Social media has its perks but also has major downsides. Let’s hope others don’t try to copycat this crime just for views on TikTok. They can stick with viral dances and just having fun without having to face a full police investigation.

All we need now is a true-crime documentary of the entire situation to truly make it a 2021 event.

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